by They Promised Escape

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released September 15, 2012

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio. All music written and performed by They Promised Escape. Lyrics by Mason Edmunds.



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They Promised Escape Youngstown, Ohio

Based out of Youngstown Ohio, They Promised Escape is Metal group that has been going strong for over 6 years. Constantly writing, practicing and honing every aspect of their business, They Promised Escape is ready to take their music to the next level. Keep updated with everything they have going on through Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Separation
I should have known. This is my fault. I should have known that you would leave me sitting alone. Now I'm a victim to the thoughts of my own mind. I thought the time was just right. I failed myself again and now I'm left broken. I thought this was the time to fight. Did you see this from the kingdom? Is this part of your divine plan? Speak to me. When I cry out I'm left with nothing but the sound of my own silence. Make yourself real to me for I cannot believe what I don't see. My faith is only skin deep. So lift me, lift me from this shallow, lonely state. I need an awakening. So I can truly see your face. You don't put me through me changes because you hate who I am. You put me through hardships so I can become a man. My faith is only skin deep.
Track Name: Clairvoyance
We all sit back and we wait while our lives, they wither away. All of our live are gone. I've had enough of the constant decay. I cannot sit back and hope for my dreams. Don't wait for life to take flight because it won't. Now is the time to watch this life become mine. No longer will I wait 'cause now is the time. I get so frustrated with myself when I think about all the chances that I did not take. How I always played it safe. Was it because I was afraid? How long can you keep this up? Now is the time to destroy any doubt left in my mind. No dreams will be fulfilled. Time never stands still. I'll get old and I'll get useless. If I don't let his words guide me then I will be useless. I won't make my father proud.(I want to walk with my father, but I can barely move) I want you to use me to spread your word. For that's my dream oh Lord.
Track Name: Hope
This is a song of hope for you.
Track Name: Variance
I never thought I would witness a world so lost in itself. So many people are so unaware, completely blind to the fact that you're right here. We have to change everything. Something inside has to die. In order to breathe life, we have to be the light. I have to believe that there's a reason to fight. We're all meant to be warriors for Him. The only thing I wish is for you to feel what I feel. For you feel the love that's called me home. For you to be what I cannot. He wants you to be what He made you to be, but I know you must have so many questions. I know you must have so many deep thoughts, and so many questions of what lies beyond the sky. What will become of us? Please make everything clear and shed light on this road. I cannot do any of this on my own. Why do we spend our lives being so misguided? Is it because we're meant to love a hateful world who's time is up. Is it because we're meant to love such a hateful world? No that's my pessimistic point of view shining right on through. I'm sorry I'm not as hopeful as I should be. Now I can see you're beaten down by the weight of the world. I know that it will be harder this time around, but rest easy, this life is temporary. So many people are so unaware. Completely blind to the fact that you're right here.
Track Name: Paradox
Stop shoving your deception down my throat. If you think you can stand between me and my King. Your mind must never render a thought worth mentioning. My faith will never break and I've had enough. I've seen you work in so many ways. Your glory is greater than any price you've paid. I wish everyone could feel your warm embrace, but we're so quick to judge and our love is misplaced. Why is it you can speak about your disbelief, but I can't share the love of my King. Everything is so backwards. We value all the wrong things. I've had enough. If you would just place your faith in something besides yourself. You would finally see how much help he can really be. You would finally see how much help we really need. I serve a King who is always trustworthy. Can you claim to know what I mean? When you don't even believe. You don't know what I mean, but I know what you must be thinking. Because I thought the same. How does a sinful man approach a sinless, perfect God. Don't reflect upon what this world will think. All of our possessions will be gone, and only the nature of your soul will remain. So surrender yourself and make yourself a part of the everlasting. He loves you, He wants to break through to you.