They Promised Escape

by They Promised Escape

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released February 27, 2010

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio. All music written and performed by They Promised Escape. Lyrics by Mason Edmunds.



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They Promised Escape Youngstown, Ohio

Based out of Youngstown Ohio, They Promised Escape is Metal group that has been going strong for over 6 years. Constantly writing, practicing and honing every aspect of their business, They Promised Escape is ready to take their music to the next level. Keep updated with everything they have going on through Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Miss Fear
There's no looking back. Get me farther from these dead walls where I hear her call. Her voice haunts me. This is not all for nothing. I've burnt every other way, but still she waits for me. We've all fallen before. Our biggest fears fall with tears that we've shed. Our biggest fears dry with blood that we've bled. We are who we choose to be. The time has come to let them know who you are. You are Miss Fear. She has left my mind. I have conquered her now.
Track Name: Pi Never Ends
Can you believe this? Isn't this what you wanted. To be declared a King for all to see. God Help Me. You're walking a path I can't follow. You used to be my brother but now you're too hollow. The devil holds your hand. Break free from him. Father forgive him for he knows not what he does. The wicked always die first. Oh, my friend you're the face of corruption. As time flies away, we're not the same. There's no return to normality. You've lost all of your humanity. It's all gone. Come back to me the way you used to be. Come back to me. I can't see your face. It's gone. I don't know you anymore. God Save Us.
Track Name: Just Because You're on Fire Doesn't Mean You Have to Burn Ft. Shane Smith
This seems to have changed me and I can't ignore it anymore. Time after time, I watch time slip away from me. We always seem to be waiting for something. This is not where I was before. Free this generation from hate before it's too late. To be born again. To know life again. Fire falls on me. Fire rains down on me. I don't know how you will react to this, but you must know your words are broken. Just because you're on fire doesn't mean that you have to burn.
Track Name: Oceans
A tremendous water that pulls me under is how I'll describe what waits for us tonight. You shall be with me. Open your weary eyes to the sea. Tonight we sail away. Can you come with me? For two years the sky rained fire. All we've known has been reduced to memory. Barren wastelands of the damned where we once called home is all that waits for us. The smell of the ocean means we are getting close. The sky rains down fire. We have no choice. The sky will always fall down fire. We have no choice. Tonight we sail away.